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Lisa's 3rd release. this time she was on KNOTS LANDING playing Ciji Dunne, the night club singer that made it big until she was murdered!. Songs that were featuring in that season on Knots are found here like: IF LOVE MUST GO & NEW ROMANCE. Plus a great song JOHNNY's ALWAYS ON MY MIND (about her boyfriend being GAY) and a bonus track of "WHERE THE BOYS ARE" from the motion picture remake LISA Stared in in 1984. First time on CD.
 Artist  Lisa Hartman
 Title  Letterock (remastered) Sold Out
 Region  USA
 Price  $0.00
  Track Listings
  1. Hidin' From Love - 2:54
  2. Why Baby - 3:03
  3. Johnny's Always On My Mind - 3:10
  4. If Love Must Go - 3:42
  5. Hole In My Heart - 3:37
  6. Two To Do - 3:40
  7. Games - 4:27
  8. Miss You (Like I Do) - 3:20
  9. Don't Let Me Go - 2:57
  10. New Romance (It's a Mystery) - 3:04
  11. Where the Boys Are - 3:38 (BONUS)
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