Dragonette Mixin To Thrill CD

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Artist  Dragonette
 Title  Mixin To Thrill  CD
 Region  Import CD EP
 Price  $19.98



Exclusive Official Remix and new tracks EP - direct from the group! very limited pressing and not a cd+r - official baby!! comes w/ fold out poster ( the sleeve is the poster)

light markings might be on the disc due to the disc rubbing against the paper in the way it was packaged. 

Track Listings
  1. Volcano  (New track)
  2. Our Summer   (New track)
  3. My Things   (New track)
  4. Easy (buffet libre remix) 4:58
  5. fixin to thrill (don diablo remix) 7:01
  6. Pick Up the Phone (richard X remix) 6:09
  7. fixin to thrill (don diablo DUB mix) 7:00
  8. fixin to thrill (villains remix) 4:46
  9. Pick Up the Phone (francis Preve Remix) 7:03
  10. Pick Up the Phone (aritmatix remix) 5:18

$ 19.98

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