Stevie B - The Remix Collection - CD (New)

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  • Fifteen exclusive remixes of Freestyle icon Stevie B's biggest hits including "Because I Love You (The Postman Song)," "Party Your Body," Spring Love," "Summer Nights, + More - Official CD release.
  • " All selections have been newly remastered for this release.
  •  CD New 
  • Tracks:
  • Because I Love You (The Postman Song) [Sounddriver Invasion Remix]
  • Party Your Body (Kopastetic Mix)
  • Spring Love (S.S.S. Radio Mix)
  • Summer Nights (Trip to California Mix)
  • If You Leave Me Now (Planet Freestyle Radio Mix) Feat. Alexia Phillips
  • Dream About You (Juanito's Funky House Mix
  • Promise to Share (Snapshot RMX)
  • Love Me for Life (Stevie B Vs. DJ Comet)
  •  It's So Good (Remix)
  •  You Are the One (Cibola Extended Mix)
  •  Young Girl (Urban Mix)
  •  Summer Nights (Snapshot RMX)
  •  If You Leave Me Now (Kalifornia Kuts Radio Mix) Feat. Alexia Phillips
  •  Dream About You (Das Beat Re\X96Work)
  •  Promise to Share (4 on the Floor Mix)

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