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  1. Donna De Lory - SKY IS OPEN CD

    $ 9.98

    1 One Day 2 River 3 Blue Eyed Angel 4 Sky Is Open 5 Fade In Time 6 Maybe 7 Walking Out Of Yesterday 8 Glow 9 Where Are You Now 10 In The Sun Credits Producer – Donna de Lory, Mac Quayle CD released 2006  Direct from Donna herself  see also Donna DeLory   ...

  2. Donna De Lory - Here In Heaven CD (New)

    $ 15.00

    Borderline exclusive -direct from Donna !  Her stunning new 2018 album "Here In Heaven" - Includes a cover of Kate Bush's 1989 single "Never Be Mine".  LISTEN - the first single and check out the music video on YouTube.  View more Donna CD releases we have in stock - simply type in Donna De Lory in our...

  3. The Madonna Effect - Double CD Various artist Madonna introduced.

    $ 19.98

       Double CD DJ service collection of official remixes of artist that Madonna introduced to the world! CD1 features her long time back up singers/dancers and CD 2 are tracks Madonna produced, wrote for, sang back up and dated ! All tracks that would have never heard the light of day without Madonna's name attacked...

  4. Donna De Lory (DeLory) Just A Dream Promo 12" Vinyl

    $ 15.00

    Original 1993 12" promo release - Produced and written by MADONNA and Patrick Leonard and Madonna sings back -up!! Like New -  Just Right Vocal Mix Just Right Dub Extended Club Remix 

  5. Donna De Lory - BLISS (CD) SALE!

    $ 9.98

    Well-known as one of Madonna's longtime featured vocalist, Donna De Lory has written, produced and independently distributed her n 2001 album "Bliss". Donna and her musical partner cellist, Cameron Stone came from wildly varying backgrounds to forge a common bond in their love of music. For Donna, music was ingrained in her soul literally before her...

  6. Donna De Lory - In The Glow CD (SALE)

    $ 9.98

    2003 CD release recorded when Donna was 8 months pregnant with her first child. " In The Glow" is a celebration of Love and Light . Niki Haris is featured on 'JAYA JAYA' and this album includes an amazing cover version of Robbie Robertson's great song, "Unbound.' Though there are only 7 tracks each track...

  7. Donna De Lory - Here In Heaven (Autographed cover) Signed "Limited Quantities"

    $ 20.00

    Borderline exclusive -direct from Donna & the Cover artwork is  Signed by Donna! (Very Limited Quantities available) -- Each cover is similar to this signed copy - each cover differs just a touch. See the photos of Donna signing the CD's in her home recording studio.  Her stunning new 2018 album "Here In Heaven" - Includes a...

  8. Donna De Lory - Live & Acoustic CD (Sale)

    $ 9.98

    Donna's official limited cd live and acoustic CD recorded in LA and Paris. Released Jan. 1 2002 . This release we received direct from Donna.  Low stock  (see also Donna Delory) ''Please'' features Niki Haris on the tracks Tracks: LIVE 1. Praying for Love 2. Where I've Never Been 3. Go Talk To Mary 4....

  9. Donna De lory [Delory] the lover & the Beloved REMIXED CD (SALE)

    $ 9.98

    Artist  Donna De lory Delory  Title  the lover & the Beloved REMIXED CD  Region  USA  Price  $9.98   Description this 10 track official remix cd from donna's stunning cd LOVER & THE BELOVED --remixed!!!  Limited Sale price celebrating Donna's 2018 new album "HERE IN HEAVEN"  Track Listings   1. he ma durga (radio edit) 3.51   2....

  10. Donna De Lory - The Lover & the Beloved CD (SALE)

    $ 9.98

    I learned my first chant, Gananpati Om, six years ago at a friend and fellow musician, Dave Stringer's house. Saying those ancient words over and over again felt new and familiar at the same time. It was also that night that I first discovered the Harmonium and fell in love with it's droning sounds. I'd...